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Food Intolerances - Myth or Reality?

Gillian Farr (Dip ASK, BA, MBA), Registered Kinesiologist, questions whether or not food intolerances are the root cause of our health problems.

Are food intolerances just the latest buzz word in complementary health circles or are they slowly undermining our good health? Some people find it hard to believe that some of the most common foods, even those which we have been told since childhood are good for us, can be causing us harm and be the cause of our persistent health problems. Food intolerance sounds like a feeble excuse for allergy, however whereas an allergy to a food causes a severe and almost immediate reaction, a food intolerance is more insidious and can be steadily causing the body harm. In most cases individuals concerned are completely unaware that certain foods are eroding their good health.

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Improve Your Health With Kinesiology


Kinesiology is a complementary health therapy which offers good health, great energy and a wonderful sense of well-being. Kinesiology is an ingenious mix of ancient Chinese knowledge and more recent western scientifically researched knowledge and techniques -a true 'East meets West' situation combining what is best from both schools of thought. It can give us a fascinating insight into the functioning of the body. It can work on existing symptoms or be used as a preventive tool to make sure we actively look after our health and do not abuse it.

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